Sensory Friendly Clinic

To create quiet and focused opportunities for children with special needs to master the dental experience.

Welcome to the Sensory Friendly Clinic at Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry! This clinical experience was created in partnership with Hand in Hand Behavioral Consulting. It is our honor and privilege to care for your child in a way that is both compassionate and honest. The goals for all children in our practice are to grow comfortable at the dentist and into healthy adults who are successful dental patients. The Sensory Friendly Clinic has been a dream of ours and is a unique opportunity for us to walk this journey at a slower pace. Success is not linear, but with consistency large leaps can be made.

Look around on this page for resources that can help you prepare for your visit to the office. If you are new to our practice, your first appointment will be to meet the team and create a plan tailored to your child. We look forward to seeing you soon.

In partnership with Hand in Hand Behavioral Consulting.