Dr. Scott Rowley

Dr. Rowley has lived on both coasts but loves calling Olympia home.  A native of Hoquiam, a coastal Washington town, Dr. Rowley received his bachelor’s degree from Pacific Lutheran University in 1996.  Four years later, he traveled across the country to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Tufts University in Boston.

Missing the calm waters of the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Rowley returned to the University of Washington in 2001 to complete his general practice residency and subsequent fellowship at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center the following year.  He finished his specialty certification in Pediatric Dentist from Seattle Children’s Hospital in 2004.  Dr. Rowley immediately entered private practice, first in Aberdeen and then in Olympia since 2008.


Dr. Rowley is often asked three questions:

  1. How tall are you exactly? A: 6 feet, 6 inches
  2. What size shoe do you wear? A: 13, not really that big
  3. Have you ever played basketball? A: Nope, but I like shooting hoops with my daughters.

Dr. Rowley earned his board certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  To maintain his knowledge, Dr. Rowley participates in local dental societies and study clubs.  He has served as President for the Washington Academy of Pediatric Dentists Foundation, Evergreen Pediatric Dental Study Club and Grays Harbor Dental Society.  He is active in the Thurston Mason Dental Society and is the champion for the Access to Baby Childhood Dentistry program in Thurston County.

Along with his wife, Amy, Dr. Rowley is raising two daughters with interests that vary widely.  He supports his daughters’ involvement in tennis for Olympia High School, violin at Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia (SOGO) and junior rowing at Olympia Area Rowing. 

Dr. Rowley longs to be on the water.  He learned to sail while living in Boston and is an active member of the Olympia Area Rowing community (where he tries not to embarrass his daughters when they are at the same regatta). He also enjoys boat building.  In fact, Dr. Rowley spent six months building a boat so he could ferry his daughters to Boston Harbor Marina for ice cream. He has also found a renewed passion for cycling. 

Dr. Rowley has climbed to the top of Mount Rainier and studied wildlife management in Kenya during college. Ask him sometime to tell you about a few of his favorite pranks that he has played on friends.