Modern Dentistry in Olympia

In today’s world of dentistry, there are high-tech tools, exceptional materials and leading techniques to clean teeth, fix sugarbugs, repair broken teeth and treat infections. Modern dentistry uses the latest proven technological advancements to give patients the best care and the most beautiful smile possible! The result of using modern dentistry advancements and technology is safer treatments, faster results and less invasive procedures than dentistry of the past. 

Modern Pediatric Dentistry Services 

  • Preventative care

Regular cleanings and dental checkups maintain a healthy smile and bring to attention areas of concern before they become problematic. Modern dentistry includes the use of high-tech tools and equipment to clean and treat your child’s teeth quickly and effectively.

  • Sealants

Modern dentistry uses sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth from decay. Modern dentistry research has shown that sealants reduce the decay by nearly 80% in molars. 

  • Fillings

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, sugarbugs (cavities) creep up, in this case, modern dentists perform tooth repairs and manage the decay with fillings. Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry uses modern dentistry materials which are safer, last longer and look better. In addition, today’s fillings are better at preventing the spread of infection. 

  • Sedation Dentistry

Advancements in dentistry allow for a relaxing procedure for both parent and child. Sedation dentistry may be the answer to give your child the treatment they need while keeping them calm and free of pain. 

  • Laser Dentistry & Tongue Tie Correction

The dentists at Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry are up to date on modern dentistry procedures. They work with infants and new parents to address early oral health issues and care. They have modern equipment to administer laser dentistry and tongue tie correction.

  • Early Orthodontics

Giving your child the best treatments is the goal at Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry. Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry can help guide you in the process to see if an early orthodontics consultation is recommended to provide the best outcome for a beautiful smile for a lifetime. A space maintainer or orthodontic “appliance” may be the first step to ensure your child’s mouth develops properly.

Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry is equipped with advanced, proven technology, modern dentistry tools and equipment. They provide modern care with the best materials. Modern dentistry looks different than dentistry of the past. Modern dentistry provides effective, less invasive treatment, a more relaxing experience, safe procedures and long lasting repairs.